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Jubilee Homes provides affordable sober-living homes in the San Gabriel Valley. These homes are active communities in which residents help each other in their transition toward recovery and fully-developed lives.


Jubilee Homes was established at Church of Our Saviour in July of 2002 to provide a path to recovery for men and women suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Founder Bill Doulos ensured that the surrounding community was one of compassion, empathy, and positivity. Today, thousands of individuals who have come through our doors have been given the foundation and tools to change their path, day by day, to live a life full of promise. Your generous donation ensures that the doors of the houses that comprise Jubilee Homes remain open for years to come, providing a safe haven for hope and healing. We are grateful for your support.

The Bill Doulos Legacy Fund was created in honor of The Reverend Canon Bill Doulos, founder of Jubilee Homes. Established to maintain, beautify and/or expand the four sober living houses that assist women and men overcoming alcohol and drug addiction, the Bill Doulos Legacy Fund will ensure Jubilee continues to offer an affordable, safe respite for those on the path to sober living and recovery.

Founded twenty years ago as an act of compassion for people recovering from addiction, Bill’s vision has enabled nearly 2,000 men and women with a place to call home during the most difficult time of their lives. The El Nido, Fair Oaks, Raymond, and Washington houses provide a safe haven for men and women as they rebuild their lives. The Bill Doulos Legacy Fund will ensure that these homes last well into the future to provide thousands more men and women with the opportunity to call Jubilee Homes home.

Donations to the Bill Doulos Legacy Fund will impact on the lives of current and future residents for many years to come.

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